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[Flexim] FLUXUS F601S 초음파 유량계

FLUXUS, Flexim F601, Ultrasonic Flowmeter, 초음파 유량계

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  • *Features 

    -Non-invasive measruement using the clamp-on technology for precise bi-directional,

      highly dynamic flow measurements

    -Portable, easy-to-use flow transmitter with 2 flow channel, multiple inputs/outputs,

     and intgrated data logger with a serial interface in the standard version

    -Automatic loading of calibration data and transducer detection reduce set-up times

     and provide precise, long-term stable results.

    -Li-ion battery provides up to 14 hours of measurement operation.

    -Transducers available for a wide range of inner pipe diameters(6...6500mm) and fluild


    -Proven clamp-on technology, transducers resistant to dust and humidity.

    -Probe for wall thickness measurement available.

    -Water and dust-tight; resistant against oil, many liquids and dirt.

    -Robust, water-tight (IP67) transport case with comprehensive accessories.

    -HybridTrek automatically switches between transit time and NoiseTrek mode of

     measurement when high particulate flows are encountered

    -QuickFix for fast mounting of the flow transmitter in difficult conditions.



    -Designed for the following industries :

      a. Chemical industry

      b. Water and waste water industry

      c. Cooling systems and air conditioners

      d. Facility management

      e. Aviation industry